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Hi there!  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  This week has thankfully gone by pretty quickly.  I’m starting to slowly get to have more of a life outside of work, which is great for many reasons (mainly my sanity), but it means I get to blog more frequently.  The timing couldn’t be any better either, since blogging about the fashion of my favorite season practically makes me giddy.  Luckily, in Wisconsin, it’s officially sweater weather– and I’m taking full advantage.  Layering is the name of the game and fall is like my personal Olympics.  I am someone who rarely wears the same outfit twice– and it’s not because I have oodles and oodles of clothes.  Layering is my forte and I enjoy finding new ways to wear clothes in my current wardrobe.  I love the challenge of thinking outside of the box and looking in my closet and saying to myself, “what have I never worn _____ with before?”  It’s a great little exercise to do, especially when you’re cutting back on shopping.

I recently found myself looking in my closet at one of my favorite sweaters, wondering how to wear it differently than last year.  I’m definitely preppier than I was a year ago, so I went with a plaid popover, black skinny jeans, and rose gold accessories.







Gap Cable Knit Sweater (similar) | J. Crew Red Tartan Popover | J. Crew Toothpick Skinny Jeans | River Island Ankle Boots (similar via Steve Madden) | Francesca’s Watch (similar) | Assorted Rings

Until next time–



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Oh hello there!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine wasn’t too shabby. Ali and I had a girls’ night on Friday night.  On Saturday, we went to the farmer’s market and hung out downtown most of the day.  Last night, Lauren and I had roommate bonding and watched one of my all time favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer.  Before that, she snapped a few blog pictures for me for an upcoming fashion fix.  She looked so darn adorable, I had to take a few of her as well.



Tonight I have two Skype dates– one with my best friend Abby, and one with my friend Hipster Tony (yes, that is his full name) who is teaching in Taiwan.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a good week.

For the farmer’s market, I kept it sophisticated and cool in a basic oxford, black skinnies, ankle boots, and my new favorite jacket.  It was classic fall weather– 55°, breezy, and sunny.  I am so in love with this outfit for a few reasons.

1.  It’s so simple, but put-together.

2. My new slim fit oxford is literally the best fitting shirt I’ve ever owned.

3. I’m wearing my favorite fall things: military jacket, black denim, and ankle boots.

Ali and Kast were dressed to impress as well, so I naturally forced them into a few of the pictures.













J. Crew Field Jacket | Ralph Lauren Polo Oxford | J. Crew Toothpick Skinny Jeans | Gap Factory Ankle Boots | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Satchel (similar)

What is your favorite item to wear in the fall?

Until next time–



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Good morning and Happy Friday!

If you haven’t looked outside yet, it’s fall today.  Actually fall.  A classic fall day at that– windy, chilly, cloudy; the best.  I’ve finally busted out my tote of sweaters, scarves, hats, and fall/winter accessories to make it official.  I am absolutely giddy every time I go outside, look outside, or just feel chilled.

Like I’ve said approximately 8,391 times before, my fashion peaks in the fall.  It’s the season for strategic layering, jewel tones, ankle boots, and artful accessorization.  I luckily enough look pretty fab in jewel tones, which may be a contributing factor to why I love fall so much.  I stepped up my jewel tone game this past weekend while meeting up in Dubuque with a few friends for dinner.  In fall, I always start off simple and then layer on depending on my mood. For my starter pieces, I went for a chambray popover and olive skinny chinos.  I next went with a chic pair of suede ankle boots and my favorite fall-friendly, burgundy leather satchel.  Last, I layered on jeweled accessories: a bold bracelet, edgy ring, and dainty drop-earrings.  What I loved most about this look was that although it was clearly well thought out and perfectly paired together, it felt effortlessly sophisticated in such an easy way.  And topping off a fall look with a berry lip?  You can’t go wrong.






J. Crew Chambray Popover (similar) | Gap Skinny Skimmer Khakis | Target Ankle Boots (similar via TOMS) | Target Satchel (similar) | J. Crew Factory Earrings (similar) | Target Jeweled Bracelet | Warby Parker Sinclair Frames

Looking over my fall wardrobe, I’m realizing a lot of my jewelry and accessory pieces are from Target.  They have great satchels, scarves, and bold costume jewelry that works across seasons seamlessly.  They’re definitely my secret to fall fashion completer pieces at insanely low prices.

Well, until next time–



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I wish I could start off by saying “Happy Friday!”, but unfortunately it’s only a Tuesday.  What I can say is that it’s starting to feel a bit more like fall and at least in my neck of the woods, it’s supposed to be down in the 60°s and 50°s by the end of the week.  Perfect fall weather.  This past weekend I went home to keep my dad company while my mom is in Florida.  My sisters came to visit as well and it was a fantastic weekend.  The weather was beautiful and we did a whole lot of outdoor activities– my kind of weekend.  For one of the last really warm days of the year, I wore my new camp shirt, high waisted skinnies, and white tennies for an extra-preppy look.

I’m personally obsessed with this pink-striped shirt, because apparently I hadn’t experienced a slim-fit until now.  Two weeks ago I went to the outlet mall up in the Dells with Ali and Kast.  We naturally raided the J. Crew Factory Outlet, but we also went to the Ralph Lauren outlet.  I’d never been to Ralph Lauren, which was a travesty for Kast, since he lives and breathes Polo.  I fell in love with their slim fit in both this camp shirt and a pale blue oxford.  Now that I’ve experienced a perfect fitting shirt, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear a classic fit again.









Ralph Lauren Polo Camp Shirt | Gap High Rise Skinny Jeans | Vans Lo Pros | J. Crew Factory Leather Bracelet | Lauren Conrad Arrow Ring | Madewell Stacked Rings | Vintage Sunglasses

I also am excited to share that pleatsandpearls just hit 20,000 views last night!  A very exciting milestone for me.  This just started out as a journal of designs I did in my free time and evolved into a DIY destination, followed by a fix for all things fashion– and now, I’d probably just call it good at “lifestyle blog.”  It’s been an exciting journey and I’m so glad you’re all still following along.

Until next time–



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Oh hi there!

Happy Friday! I’m always so chipper on Fridays, which is ironic, since it’s the day I’m running on the least amount of sleep from the whole week.  I’m rewarding myself for the insane amount of time I’ve been working lately by taking a small trip home this weekend.  I miss my kitties, so the 4 hr+ drive will be worth it.  I’m excited to see my dad and my sisters for a few days– and I’m especially excited for the weather!  It’s supposed to be mid 70s and sunny.  Perfect fall weather.

Now before people start throwing out all that “basic white girl” crap, I’d like to say that fall has been my favorite season before it was cool to have fall as your favorite season.  And yes, I like pumpkin spice lattes, but I like everything pumpkin and always have.  So with that aside, fall is the best 2-3 months of the year for me for every reason: the weather, the food, the colors, the sports, and the fashion.  I have a field day wearing ankle boots, sweaters, oxfords, scarves, and aviators every day of the week.  My most recent addition to my fall wardrobe is my brand new (and longly coveted) military jacket from J. Crew.  This olive jacket of perfection is the completer piece for fall.  It literally looks good with just about everything, while being both fun and sophisticated.  I donned it for the first time with my favorite boyfriend jeans and a stripe tee for an ultra-casual weekend style.

Also, check out my first ever manicure.  I was pretty stoked.








J. Crew Field Jacket | Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | Old Navy Stripe Tee | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Studded Flats | American Eagle Leather Bracelet (similar) | LOFT Braided Bracelet | Assorted Rings

I’m off to work and a weekend of family and fall.

Until next time–



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