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Hi there friends!

All the crazy is about to settle and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I recently went to Arkansas for a close friend’s wedding, just shortly after getting back from my family’s Colorado vacation.  This upcoming weekend I’m going to Minneapolis for the Paul McCartney concert.  I’m geeking out– this is the #1 item on my bucket list.  It’s going to be pretty magical.

But until then– let’s chat about this killer dress I wore for Sam’s wedding.  I’d had my eye on this baby for months before giving in when J.Crew finally had an extra 40% off sale items.  I can say that this is hands down one of my best purchases to date.  This dress is so striking, so flattering, and quite the confidence booster.  I had multiple ladies stop me to tell me they loved my dress and I really wanted to just say “I know!”, but I figured I’d better be a little more modest.  But I think you get the picture– it was one of those stellar pieces that you feel so fabulous in that you just know you look hot.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

I topped off this knock-out dress with minimal jewelry in a contrasting cobalt, a straw clutch, and shimmer sandals.







J. Crew Scallop Crepe Dress | Zooshoo Gold Sandal | Target Clutch | Target Earrings | Lauren Conrad Bracelets | Madewell Rings

Until next time–



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lovely in linen


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Happy Friday!!

I’m currently in Arkansas for my friend Sam’s wedding.  It was quite the drive, especially coming off of our Colorado trip– but I’m excited for tonight!  Mal and I ran into her while downtown today at a coffee shop and it was the best surprise!  If I haven’t mentioned Sam before, she pretty much took care of me/raised me during the first half of high school.  My dad was my principal and pretty much everyone hated me, so she kept me alive.  I owe her quite a bit.


Don’t worry– I’ll take plenty of pictures tonight!  For all of my July traveling, I’ve had to pack wisely.  I’ve been trying to keep it simple, but stylish, and friendly for varied weather.  Recently, I made a pitstop in Iowa City on my way back to Wisconsin and spent the morning with my sister Mallory.  I kept it easy and breezy in a lightweight linen top and high rise skinny jeans.  If you don’t own a linen top, stop what you’re doing and go to LOFT.  Or J. Crew.  Or Lands’ End.  Linen is on an upward trend in the market, so it’s pretty easy to find.  My top is a linen-cotton blend, so although it has roll-sleeves, it is super breathable– and pretty darn adorable.







LOFT Linen Tee | Gap High Rise Skinny Jeans | Vans Lo Pros | Forever 21 Sunglasses

Until next time–



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neutral affair


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Hi there!

Happy Sunday! I just got back from a short weekend trip to Milwaukee for my Cool Uncle Tom’s 50th birthday party.  They just built a new house on the lake and it was incredible.  I even got to go out on a boat for the first time this morning! It was a fun, relaxing weekend surrounded by family, card games, and good food.

Time is just flying and it’s hard to believe that just a week ago, I got back from my Colorado vacation.  On our last day in Denver, my dad, sister and I explored downtown and went to a Rockies game (although I was rooting for the Twins!).  I wanted to stay comfortable since the weather was a little ominous and we’d be leaving after the Rockies game for an 11 hour drive home.  I mixed a few of my basics to create a sort of effortless grungy-prep (if that’s even a thing).








American Eagle Denim Jacket | American Eagle Boyfriend ShortsJ. Crew Baseball Hat | Gap Tee | TOMS Classics | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Target Satchel (similar)

Until next time–



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yes, my dear.


Hi there!

A cold front (and by cold front, I mean the 65° weather we’ve been experiencing in Wisconsin) has rolled through, leaving many not knowing how to dress.  It’s still the dead of summer, but when cooler weather hits, sometimes, we lose our sense of fall-friendly fashion and end up in a hoodie, jeans, and flip flops.  I get it, hell, I’ve even done it.  We’re not in our fall mindsets yet, so when we’re used to 95° weather, a sudden drop in temperature can leave us a little lost in our closets (I promise that was not a weird metaphor for coming out…).  I experienced this a lot last week, when I was vacationing in Colorado.  In the mountains, the weather was unpredictable and a lot chillier than typical Midwestern summers.  In preparation for this, I packed lots of layers with mixed coverage (balancing sleeve length and pant length) to ensure I had a variety of cute ensembles for the changing weather.

For a day spent getting WiFi and exploring in Woodland Park, I opted for a lightweight french-terry, french-quoted sweatshirt (sorry, I just had to) and an easy, flounce a-line skirt.  I kept the jewelry to a minimum, because hey, it’s vacation, and I slipped into some tennies and hit the streets.  And by streets, I clearly mean Starbucks.








J. Crew Sweatshirt | Express Skirt | Vans Lo Pros | Lands’ End Canvas Tote | BCBGeneration Cuff | NY&C Aviators

Until next time–



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fashion on the go


Hi friends!

It’s finally vacation time and I couldn’t be happier.  In fact, as I type this, I’m sitting outside at a Starbucks in Woodland Park, CO, staring at Pikes Peak.  This is the life.

Mal and I at Starbucks

Mal and I at Starbucks

I’m trying to not think about work, but since it’s been my life for the past six months, it’s kind of hard not to.  I’m keeping myself as distracted as possible with lots of hiking, hot tubbing, and High School Musical watching.  I could get used to this.

One of the challenges of going on vacation can be what to pack and how to get the most out of the fewest items.  My personal challenge was to still look smashin’ while participating in all kinds of outdoor activities.  My outfits range from casual cute to active outdoorsman.  And let me tell you, I’ve never loved wearing tennis shoes so much.

When we got into Colorado, we went to Garden of the Gods first.  It was about 90° outside, but we still had a stellar time.  It was a great workout and I got a lot of cool pictures.  For this day, I opted for a breathable sleeveless polo, boyfriend shorts, and some sweet kicks.  I topped off my look with a wicked sunburn.









Lands’ End Sleeveless Mesh Polo | American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts | Nike Shoes | Ray Ban Clubmasters

Well, I’m off to explore some more.  It’s going to be quite the busy week.  Tomorrow, we’re white water rafting.  Friday, Mal, my dad, and I are going on a 9 mile hike at Rocky Mountain National Park.  If we survive the hike, we’re going to a Rockies game on Saturday!

Until next time–



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