goodbye, summer


Hello and Happy Labor Day!

I’m personally enjoying my day off with a little relaxation, a bit of cleaning, some grocery shopping, and of course, blogging.  I apologize for being a bit MIA the past few weeks– I’ve been just dropping in here and there.  There are really two reasons for this.  1.  Currently, my job has taken over my life.  Due to recent circumstances, I’ve been working an unhealthy amount of time (AKA– 60 hours this past week) and haven’t had much time to blog, let alone sleep.  And 2.  I’m working on a blog redesign, which will transfer pleatsandpearls to a different platform.  I’m pretty excited for the change, but it’s definitely taking some time to get my content transferred over.  My good friend, Anna, has graciously offered to help me with the design portion, which is a huge weight off my shoulders.  But, in the near future, we’ll be hopping over to a brand new platform– when I get an idea of when, I’ll be posting on here to let you all know where to move over to.

As summer is winding down, I’m making my best effort to get my last summer outfits in.  Although my work style has completely transitioned over to fall  (as the air conditioning is ALWAYS cranked), my weekend style is still holding on to that last thread of summer.  For a humid evening at the terrace, I paired an easy Oxford popover with my favorite boyfriend shorts and some shimmery sandals.  Don’t get me wrong– I love the fall.  It’s the best season by far, but I will miss my leggy-looks I’ve been donning for the past few months.  Oh well, until next year.

As much as I love fall, I will miss summer nights at the terrace with these guys.









J. Crew Popover | American Eagle Boyfriend Shorts | Zooshoo Sandals | New York & Company Aviators | Francesca’s Watch | Lauren Conrad Bracelets | Assorted Rings

Until next time–



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black + white


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Hi there!

Kaylee and Lauren here– and we’re just having a bit too much fun navigating the world of online dating.  You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to come up with adjectives about yourself; things you like; important traits of your date. Woof.  The commentary whilst building our profiles has to be the best part.  Here are a few of my favorites:

“He’s wearing New Balance shoes….and not the cool kind.”

“Wink at him? Is there a ‘make babies with him’ button?”

“I better just delete this before…OOH! He has an airplane!”

Before this all started, I had spent the bulk of the weekend with Kast and Ali adventuring around Madison.  We went kayaking, shopping, to the movies, and had lots of delicious food.  For a day out and about, I kept it basic in black and white.  I paired a flirty lace top with a striped skirt and suede wedges.  I topped off the look with black + gold accents: Ray Bans, a basic bangle, and my Herve Leger clutch.







LOFT Lace Top | Striped Skirt (similar via Charlotte Russe) | Black Wedge Sandals (similar via Modcloth) | Herve Leger Cosmetic Bag | Ray Ban Clubmasters | Assorted Rings

I’ll be sure to give you any comical updates from our online dating profile creating.

Until next time–



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the look for less: the new navy


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My fall fashion wish list is coming along nicely, and I was able to cross yet another item off the list: drapey soft pant.  I finally gave this lazy girl’s dream of a pant a spin over the weekend and fell in love.  Seriously just as comfortable as sweatpants, this soft track pant style is refined enough for work, but easy enough for your day off.

This Sunday, Kast and I got lunch downtown and hung out at the terrace.  I was in an incredibly lazy mood, as I was sick all weekend, so I threw on my soft pants with a basic tee and wedges.  The morning was a little chilly, so I used a oversized scarf as a wrap, which definitely upped the sophistication of my easy ensemble.  Not only does the simplicity of this style bring a higher level of sophistication, but the minimalism exudes a level of luxury– which is ironic, considering what a steal this entire look is.  Shop the look below.







Old Navy Graphic Tee {$12} | Old Navy Drapey Cropped Pants {$30} | T-Strap Sandals (similar via Lulus) {$25} | Target Shimmer Scarf | Lands’ End Canvas Tote {$28} | Vintage Sunglasses | Express Pearl Studs  {$14}

Until next time–



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the better boyfriend


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Hey there!

It’s finally happened.  I finally found the one–the one you feel so comfortable with that never lets you down.  That’s right– I found my perfect boyfriend jean.  (Sorry for the trickery, Mom and Dad.  Don’t get your hopes up– still single).

I’ve been on the hunt for awhile after being on the fence for so long.  Being a little “hippy-er”, I figured I wouldn’t be able to pull off this looser look.  After a much-antipicated trip to Gap after they launched their fall denim, I fell in love.  I love this dark wash especially since it’s still so sophisticated, while effortlessly cool.  That’s right kids, I was able to cross off the first item on my fall wish list.

Most recently, I styled my new denim more classically with a crisp white shirt, gold sandals, and minimal jewelry.  It was one of those outfits that you feel so killer in that you use the halls as your runway.







Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans | White Button-Down (similar via Lands’ End) | Zooshoo Gold Sandals | Aviators (similar via Target

 Although I loved my recent styling, I’m also pretty excited to go a little grungier next time.  Have you tried out this menswear trend yet?

Until next time–



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fall wish list: 2014

Hi there friends!

It’s about that time again– fall is around the corner and I could not be more excited.  I can’t wait for mild weather, football, and of course, anything pumpkin.  But the best thing about fall by far is the fashion: ankle boots, denim, scarves, beanies, leather jackets, and sweaters.  It seriously could not get any better.

I’ve been daydreaming of fall days since they fleeted away so quickly last year.  So naturally, I’ve given my fall fashion wish list a lot of thought over the last several months.  I wanted to keep it concise, since I don’t have unlimited funds and I also wanted to ensure it was versatile, taking me from season to season.

Fall Fashion Wish List

1. Leather Ankle Boots

My fashion philosophy states that whatever your “thing” is, you can never have too much of it.  For me, my “things” are pants and ankle boots.  I have an obscene amount of pants, and an even more obscene amount of ankle boots.  Something that’s been on my wish list since I knew Madewell existed is their Charley tonal leather ankle boot.  They’re so simple and so sophisticated.  But, $200 isn’t something I would drop on something lightly.  I’ve searched for something similar and I did find some cute zippered ankle boots for less than half the price on Modcloth.  I still haven’t decided which way I’ll go on this one.

Splurge vs. Steal: Leather Ankle Boots


2. Black Chunky-Heeled Pumps

Back in high school, I wore heels everyday.  If I wasn’t in my black high-top Converse, I was in stilettos.  Most people thought I was nuts, but I loved being so tall and quite frankly, I walked better in heels than flats at that point.  I also went to a very small school, so it’s not like I had far distances to walk.  But once I went off to college, I never wore my heels, so I get rid of them.  I kept a few pairs of wedges and heeled ankle boots, but any sign of stiletto or pump was completely diminished.  Lately, I’ve been wanting an easy, black pump with a lower chunky heel.  It’s such a classic shoe that would go with everything. I’d been lusting over a pair from J.Crew for a few months, when I stumbled upon a nearly identical pair from Target for $100 less– needless to say, I know which pair I’ll be getting.

Splurge vs. Steal: Chunky-Heeled Pumps


3. Boyfriend Jeans

I’d been on the fence about boyfriend jeans since they started popping up in the market.  I have wide hips and I figured this was a disaster waiting to happen.  I mean, I did not want to draw more attention to my hips and have my thinner legs drown in fabric.  But lately, I’ve been tempted.  So many girls at work look so chic in theirs, so I’ve been dying to try them out.  And as much as I’d been lusting over Madewell’s slim boy jean, I ended up going with Gap’s sexy boyfriend jean– which I happened to buy this week!  Stay tuned for my upcoming fashion fix featuring them!

Splurge vs. Steal: Boyfriend Jean


4. Woven Soft Pants

Hello, refined– have you met lazy?  Thank God a track-pant inspired refined pant is finally trending.  Lazy girls, rejoice.  We can essentially wear our sweatpants to work now and it’s completely socially acceptable.  Need I really say more?  I will say that Old Navy does have 25% off online currently, so you’ll be able to get an even stellar deal on these.  With my Old Navy Card rewards, I paid less than $15 for them.  Talk about a win/win.

Splurge vs. Steal: Woven Soft Pant


5. Textured Sweater

Toward the end of last winter, I got on a real sweater kick.  I started buying all kinds of sweaters that were on sale at the end of the season, but didn’t really get a chance to wear many of them, as it quickly got warm outside.  This fall, I’m looking forward to wearing all of the fantastic sweaters I bought months ago, but in addition, I’d really like to add a textured sweater to complete my sweater collection.  Texture is an easy way to jazz up an otherwise simple outfit.  Although I love the simplicity of the slight texture of the J.Crew boatneck, there is something about the crosshatch Lands’ End Drifter sweater that’s so special.  I’m just going to have trouble deciding which color!

Splurge vs. Steal: Textured Sweater


6. Full Zip Fleece

Ever since I borrowed my roommate’s Northface fleece jacket four years ago, I’ve been dying to have one.  For being so lightweight, it is incredibly warm.  Great to wear on its own or underneath my peacoat when it’s particularly frigid.  There are so many flashy Northface jackets out there, but I really love the tonal grey full zip.  I’m still debating whether or not to just go for it, hoping it lasts for years, or if I want to go with a safer, less expensive option, like the Columbia zip up below.  Luckily, it’s still quite warm outside, so I’ve still got a bit of time to decide on this one.

Splurge vs. Steal: Full Zip Fleece


7. Black Felt Hat

I used to not be much of a hat person, but when I had my pixie cut, I loved wearing beanies.  I felt like such a punk, hipster, teenage boy– and what’s better than that? As I grew my hair out, I branched out and started wearing baseball hats (which I’m still absolutely obsessed with, by the way).  More recently, I’ve been wanting a fedora or felt hat.  Since summer is coming to an end, I’m prioritizing the felt hat as it’s more seasonally appropriate for fall.  It’s such a classic addition to any outfit– and I think it’d be particularly cute with a stripe sweater and midi skirt.  Am I right?

Splurge vs. Steal: Black Felt Hat

What’s on your fashion wish list for this fall? I’d love to hear!

Until next time–



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